Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another fabulous guest- Chrissy from Boerman Ramblings

I am so happy to have another lovely person to introduce you to. I think she is such an awesome, inspiring, lovely (both inside & out), crafty, Godly person, and such a amazing friend.

Meet Chrissy from Boerman Ramblings!

 Hi, My name is Chrissy 

I blog over at a little place called

I am a God fearing, Jesus loving, wife, and stay at home Mom of 3. I would say my blog is kind of eclectic. I write about all topics; faith, crafts, fashion, other blogs/shops, and recipes. There is something for everyone! at least that's what I tell myself, m'kay!

Oh and I also have an etsy shop SimplyCreated

My shop reflects my love for all things couture with affordable prices!

Describe yourself in 3 words - open, friendly, scattered!

Where do you live? Good ol’ Grand Rapids, MI… you the mitten state. We can all show you on our palm where we live… it’s kind of an illness we have! 

What made you start blogging? I wanted to share our family updates with out of state family, then I started sharing my devotions. Later I started adding crafts I tried and things just grew from there. I had no idea that my blog would be what it is today, and to make money form it was not anywhere on my radar!  

What is your favorite item you have purchased from another shop? Hhhmmm I have a few… bracelet from Nat’s Knapsack of course. I love how elegant it is!  I have a few rings from Little Miss Momma that I adore.  I have yet to purchase a big timer item like something from Gussy Sews, Pleated Poppy, or just lovely things, but soon I hope to!

What is your favorite item you have created in your shop?

I love the Cosmo bag that I made. I took me a long time to make and I have only made one! HA.. I really enjoy making the Anthro inspired fabric rosette bib necklaces (say that ten times fast, I dare you)

What do you do to relax? I read, anything Karen Kingsbury I covet! I also like to sew. As long as it’s something I already know how to make it’s relaxing… new projects tend to have me a little stressed out!

What makes you smile? My husband. He says the funniest things, and I just laugh. He really knows my kind of humor so it’s easy for him to make me laugh. I am that girl who loves the joke books kids bring home from school. Those are so up my Alley!

What is your guilty pleasure: Chocolate… lots of it! I really think it’s an addiction. Well at least it was. I have been sick for a while and have not been able to indulge in it as I would normally. Probably a good thing!

Any advise for bloggers and/or shop owners? Stay true to you. Don’t worry if you doesn’t have x-amount of followers. It’s the ones that do follow that matter. Blog about what you love. Don’t feel obligated to blog about what everyone else is. Remember your blog is viewed by everyone. Make sure you are willing to stand up and fight for what you write. For shop owners: thee will be good months and bad months. Don’t worry. Remember to re-list or add new items often. That keeps your shop current. Offer to do a giveaway of your item on another blog, or offer discount codes just for their readers…play with a few ideas for items in your shop and then stick with what sells. I have a whole hodge-podge of items, jewelry, wallets, purses, rings, necklaces, headbands, flower clips, brooches…I find for me the variety keeps me going.

Who do you look up to -and/or- Who inspires you?

I look up to Jesus. The song lyrics form casting crowns Glorious day sum up why…

Living he loved me,

dieing he saved me,

buried he carried my sins far away,

rising he justified freely forever,

How could you not be so inspired by that!  I also have some great mentors at my church that have taught me a lot about how to be a good Christian woman.

Something we may not know about you – I failed my driving test the first time I took it! sshhh

Favorite blogs-

The Nato’s - by far one of my absolute favorite blogs EVER…

Thank you so much Chrissy for letting us get a peak of who you are :)

Didn't I tell you that she was lovely?! She inspires me and pushes me to be better (did you know that Chrissy?!) You are a blessing!

Get to know more about her HERE

Visit her 
Blog : Shop : Facebook : Twitter

Also Chrissy is giving you lovelies 
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Check her out, say hi, and join her awesome link party GOING ON RIGHT NOW!

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