Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest Post- Janelle from Simplistic Beauty

I am very excited to introduce to you a beautiful, Godly, wife, mother and friend!
You are going to love her! 

Meet Janelle from Simplistic Beauty

Hi, Nat's Knapsack Readers, I am Janelle and I blog over at Simplistic Beauty. Natassia, is such a beautiful person inside and out. It is my pleasure to Guest post on her blog! 

Describe yourself in 3 words- Sweet, Over-analytical,Compassionate

Where do you live? Indiana

What made you start blogging?I wanted to have a "picture Journal" of my littles growing up. 

What is your favorite item you have purchased from another shop? The little bracelet from your shop. it is adorable, and so simple I can wear with everything!

 Be sure to check out Natassia's shop she really has some incrediably adorable jewlery! Oh, I didn't purchase this but, sweet Natassia made a necklace for me! I have literally worn it everyday since I recevied it! Isn't she sweet?!

What do you do to relax? I need to be better at relaxing! It's hard as a mom. I feel I need to get everything done. If you know what I mean. Dish, laundry,cleaning ect. When I do have the time I love to read, go on a walk, take a bath. I try to sneak in a nap when Levi is sleeping too! 

What makes you smile? Levi, He does this new thing when he is all done with his food he waves bye-bye to it. It makes me smile everytime. My husband cuddling with our Levi.

What is your guilty pleasure? thrift shopping. I don't always need things, I just find joy out of finding great deals. Seriously, who doesn't love a bargain find?

Any advice for moms out there? My advice comes from a personal place. Don't take yourselves too seriously. Enjoy every moment. Even the difficult ones. Before you know it you wish you could go back. With tears in my eyes, I told Brad I wish I could replay every moment in his life. I wish I could do it over again. I think as mom's we all have times like that. I would just encourage you to take in life, take in memories, savor the moments of everyday. Even the mondane ones!

Something we may not know about you-Growing up I always wanted to be a momma. People would ask me, "What do you want to be when you grow up"? I would say, be a momma. I know this desire came from a deep longing place in my heart. To have a momma of my own. I had a very abusive childhood and spent many years in the foster-care system. Yes, I do have a sweet momma of my own. She became my Momma at nine years old.

Favorite blogs-Nat's Napsack (Of course!) The Wiegand's, She Breathes Deeply, Call Me Blessed, Not So Pharoah Farrows, Carswell Canvas, Shine Project, La Luce, Gussy Sews, Meggan's Moments.

Thank you so much for sharing Janelle!

See what did I tell you! She is such a sweet, beautiful woman and a great bloggy friend! I just love her!

Learn more about Janelle HERE

So what are you waiting for? Stop by her blog, say hi and tell her Natassia from Nat's Knapsack sent you!

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