Monday, October 24, 2011

My Simple Moment

My Simple moment this week was an answer to a simple prayer. You see my dear son has rather wide, chubby feet. We have to fork over big bucks to get him shoes that actually fit. It wasn't a big deal in the summer because he wasn't walking much and it is nice and warm and not much need for shoes. So last weekend we had a family photo shoot and I needed to get my little guy some shoes. Well sadly it wasn't but 4 days later and we lost one!

Luckily I noticed right before we walked out of Meijer so I re-traced my steps. I mean, we were all over the store trying to find this lost shoe. I asked strangers, I asked employees, I asked everyone... everyone but God to help me. 
I went to the customer service desk and left my number in case it was found and we left.
It wasn't til I was in the car that I realized I never asked God to help me find this shoe. You might be thinking, "why would you need to bug God for such a silly thing" but why not? He wants to help us and He wants us to ask, and He actually knows where the shoe is! 
So in the car on the way home I prayed aloud that God would help find this missing shoe. And you know what- HE DID!
A few hours later I received a call and someone had found his shoe! 

There are so many times in my life I go through the day without asking God for help, or I think that "this" or "that" is just too silly or small to ask God for help. 
But I believe nothing is too BIG or too small for God!

Believe it or not- he LOVES this thing!  I couldn't hardly keep him in the cart, but when he sits on it, he looks like this. HAHA

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  1. So, glad everything worked out! :-)

  2. I know this story... I feel as if I live it every other day. My son is in Kindergarten and he is constantly losing his homework folder, backpack, lunch box and recently a portion of a 3-in-1 coat. I have had God to help me find each one of the above items and he has come through on all of them but this coat, the one I lost sleep over the most. This coat was not cheap and now he only has half of it, it is aggravating. I still pray to God every day and ask for his assistance is the return of this jacket. Needless to say it has been missing for over a month. Glad you were able to find his shoe.


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