Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspiration Workshop- Accessories!

I am very excited about this weeks Inspiration Workshop over at Gussy Sews'
The prompt for this week is ACCESSORIES!! If you know anything about me, you know I love accessories! I have been blessed and able to open up my very own etsy shop this year where I create some of my own accessories. I love being able to go to my little corner and create something new to go with an outfit, and I absolutely LOVE the wonderful people I have been able to work with and create pieces for!

Here are some pretties from my shop!

Triple Rose (I made this for my mother in law)

I just started these and absolutely LOVE them and have worked with amazing people to come up with the perfect hand-stamped necklace for them!!

And one of my favorites that I LOVE to wear all the time!

A few others you can find here

I just love accessories! I feel like they can make all the difference to an ordinary outfit! 

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What is your favorite accessory?

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