Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hoo Are You

Hello again! I am really excited to see new followers and I wanted to let you know that each week I participate in Hoo Are you- from Night Owl Crafting. She gives out 5 random question so that you might be able to learn some fun things about me and hopefully I can learn the same about you.

I would love to read about yours! Link up here and let me know!

This weeks 5 questions are....

1. Do you sleep with the tv or music on?
I cannot sleep with the tv on. I LOVE my sons sound machine though that I can hear from his room. My husband however cannot go to sleep withOUT the tv on.... who do you think usually wins? ya... not me :)

2. What is your favorite technology device that you own?
My iPhone- with having my etsy shop & blog, it has made it very handy to do things on the go. 

3. Do you shop the ads for groceries?
sadly I don't. I tried for a few months to cut coupons but we just couldnt keep up. So now, I just do my best.

4. What are you favorite pair of shoes?
hmmm lets see, right now- I love my new pair of boots from DSW that I got for $40!
 I also love my old pair of Uggs. They wouldn't have to be Uggs, I enjoy having my feet cozy, which makes the rest of me nice and warm

5. Have you done any fun fall activities yet?
We went apple picking with my 1 year old! 
He LOVED it!

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