Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guest Post- Ashley from La Luce

I have a great guest today! I am super excited to have Ashley from La Luce here so we can all get to know her better. If you follow my blog you know that I adore her and love her friday LOVE SPARK! She is just amazing and I think you are going to love her too (if you don't already!)


Hey there! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson and I am an artist, a wife and love living my life for God. I blog about my creative inspirations, adventures, life and love over at La Luce. When Natassia asked me to guest post I was totally honored. She is an amazing warm-hearted woman, and I have just adored that I’ve been able to get to know her better.

Describe yourself in 3 words
I would say that I am….Creative, Faithful, & Determined.

Where do you live?
I live in the Washington DC Area, about 10 minutes outside the city.

What made you start blogging?
I’ve always kept a journal and I always like to save articles, notes, teachings, or pictures I found inspiring. For years I wanted to have a place to not only save it but share it. Back in April God placed the idea of starting a blog in my heart. I was hesitant but realized it would be an amazing outlet creatively and spiritually, so La Luce the blog began.

What do you do to relax?
Spend time with my husband, 
go on random adventures in the city, find a new cool place. I really love doing anything creative. Painting, photography, image editing, and writing are my favorite ways to chill and get what swirls around inside of me out…or just doing absolutely nothing ;)

What makes you smile?
The everyday adventures that come from walking with God, my husband, my friends, and being creatively fulfilled.

What is your guilty pleasure
My guilty pleasures are some of my food and snack choices. Red bull or a Cherry Coke paired with a bag of chips or anything fried… terrible right? but I love it!

Any advise for bloggers and/or shop owners?
Any creative business is a reflection of what’s inside of you. It's easy to become something that you think you should be or be influenced instead of inspired. It's best to find out what YOUR voice is, what YOUR style is, and what YOUR creative talents express, otherwise you will constantly be trying to keep up instead of making a mark. I recently did a career fair for our teens at my church and this was what I shared with them about being a creative entrepreneur.

Favorite item in my shop?
My favorite item personally is probably The Sophia.

It was one of my first pieces and the journey to how it was created was interesting to say the least. It happened totally by accident but created something unique.

Who do you look up to -and/or- Who inspires you?
My Pastors are some of the most amazing, wise and down to earth people I’ve ever known. They have literally made such a huge impact on my life. The wisdom and love that they share is out of this world and they

Something we may not know about you-
I’m super private, very simple, and love to learn new things everyday.

Favorite blogs-
That’s super hard. I’ll do a top 3 (in addition to yours, because that’s an obvious) I have been most personally impacted by or creatively inspired by are: Casey Leigh, Splendor, & A Beautiful Mess. There are so many other amazing blogs and women pouring themselves into those blogs that have truly blessed me and I have such a love for them too.

           Thank you so much Ashley for sharing some about you!

Again- am I not right about how great she is?! I just love her! She is one of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever "met"! I do hope to actually meet her some day!

Ashley has an amazing shop and I am a proud owner of a few of her lovelies!

Thank goodness for these beauty, 
to hide my messy/un-done hair

Get to know more about Ashley HERE

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Blog : Shop : Facebook : Twitter

If you haven't already- Go check her out, say hi, and let her know 
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  1. awwwwwwwwwwww this is amazing girlie, i'm so thankful for you. wow. i can't wait to hug you one day!!!!! LOVE YOU! p.s you look beautiful in that picture!!!!


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