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Guest Post- Alysha from The Tarr Pit/The Sunshine Stitch

Today is truly a GREAT day for me! I am SO EXCITED to have Alysha Tarr Guest Post here on my blog.  I was over the moon when she said she would love to guest post! I couldn't believe it! I mean I LOVE this girl and what she is about and the things she creates. I just know you will too!!


"H E L L O! 
My name is Alysha but I usually go by "mama". I am the writer behind The Tarr Pit + the creator behind The Sunshine Stitch + a wife to Brett + a mama to Dawson {2 1/2} & Emerson {8 months} + a daughter of the Lord! 
I reside in sunny california with these 3 boys {who outnumber me}. I am a lover of coffee, crafter & preschool teacher by degree. 
I am far from perfect, my multiple plates are full & overflowing but the Lord seems to keep granting more than enough time to raise these boys in a way to glorify Him & yet still have time to craft, create, blog & kiss my husband goodnight. <3 "

Describe yourself in 3 words- "blessed + outnumbered {by 3 boys} + tired" 

Where do you live? - The oh so beautiful southern California. <3 But I sure do miss the rain in Washington. I think I'll forever be a Pacific Northwest girl at heart. 

What made you start blogging? I wanted something {a hobby of sorts} that I could call my own. My life practically revolved around Brett {the hubs} & Dawson {my 1st son} so I thought it would be fun to branch out. It was so worth it. I have met THE most amazing people from blogging/social media/twitter. Now if only i still had enough time to do it more. ;)

What is your favorite item you have purchased from another shop?
My all time best purchase from etsy {Gets the most use} is my travel crayon wallet from So Sew Lovely. I cannot live without it. I carry it in my purse everywhere & Dawson can just pull it out and color away no matter where we are. Its a lifesaver. 

What is your favorite item from your shop? oh geesh. For mamas + adults, i LOVE my "Wrap Your Arms Around Me Cowl"... in spice.  The color just makes me want to cozy up by the fire with a hot cocoa in my hands.
And for the kiddos, this little "Hootie Patootie" looks cute on any baby + kid no matter their age. :) 

What do you do to relax? Put my feet up + grab my yarn & hooks + turn on the netflix for some Gray's Anatomy/ Glee or The Office. Truly, i love to crochet. 

What makes you smile? The sound of my boys laughing + chattering in the early morning from one bed to the other. The smell of my husband making blueberry pancakes on a Saturday morning. Opening the Bible to have the Lord show me the perfect verse I needed to read that day. + a brand new, beautiful skein of yarn. :) 

What is your guilty pleasure? oh. my. Dont even get me started with my obsession with Iced Venti Soy Chai's from Starbucks. My husband doesnt even want to know how many of those I have truly had in my lifetime. 

Any advise for bloggers and/or shop owners?

For shop owners- 
Be truthful. {Create your OWN designs. People will respect you more for it. } 
Be creative. {There are a thousand crochet shops out there, what makes MINE different?} 
Be Business Savvy. {Pay good money to create your brand. Get good business cards. Package your items beautifully & carefully. Join twitter. Create a facebook page. Network. Ask questions. } 

For Bloggers-
Be truthful. {No one likes all puppies + rainbows. They want to know the REAL you. Even if that real you has no time to blog at all. At least you are real.} 
Network. {I cant say it enough. If you want followers, they wont just appear. Join twitter, meet people. FOLLOW other blogs. If you arent out there looking for friends, they wont just come to you.} 

Who do you look up to -and/or- Who inspires you?
There are quite a few beautiful blogs & shops that inspire me to follow my dreams & be wonderful stewards of the Lord at the same time. 
Just to name a few: 
Like a Warm Cup of Coffee 
Vintage Pearl  
Girl Talk 
#17 Cherry Tree Lane 

Something we may not know about you-
i LOVE to bake. i hate to cook. Please dont tell my husband. I only do it for him. ;)

Thank you so much Alysha!!!

What did I tell you? She is awesome! What an amazing Godly woman and so creative! I do not know how she does it all!  Look at these precious babies!! Her most recent post just touched my heart! What a great mom!


I am also thrilled to say I am the proud owner of not 1 but 3 of her lovely creations!
When I first saw her shop I fell in-love with Cowls!

My first purchase was the Wrap Your Arms Around Me Cowl in Oatmeal- I LOVE IT!!!

Of course I had to get the little guy the Hootie Patootie Owl Hat
He was even carrying it around 

My most recent purchase was the Hooded Cowl in Barley
She is just so talented!


Get to know more about Alysha HERE and

Visit her 
Blog : Shop : Facebook : Twitter

Check her out, say hi, and let her know 
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