Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hoo Are You

Hello again! I'm having fun with Hoo Are you- from Night Owl Crafting. She gives out 5 random question so that you might be able to learn some fun things about me and hopefully I can learn the same about you.

I would love to read about yours! Link up here and let me know!

This weeks 5 questions are....

1. Do you like the season, Fall? 
Yes I LOVE it! All the pretty colors and the wonderful fall fashions! 

2. What is your favorite fall smell?
Pumpkin or Apple

3, What is your favorite activity to do in the fall?
I have really enjoyed being outside with my son!

4. Do you dress in fall colors during the season?
I don't. I wish I had more colors to choose from so I could :)

5. Name 4 qualities about yourself that start with each letter in the word FALL!
(It's ok to brag yourself up)  
L-ove to laugh

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